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The most entertaining characteristics make the Clash Royale game popular and satisfy every player of all age groups. If you have planned to engage in recreation with the most entertaining game, then you can directly read honest reviews of clash royale and begin a step to play this game hereafter.

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There are four new cards in the clash royale namely bats, heal spell, night witch and bandit.  The bandit is the three elixir card, a meleee attacker and known for her decent 160 damage per second during the level 1.  The most special abilities of Bandit help a lot for every user who likes to excel in the clash royale game play hereafter. Bandit targets on unit at a time and dashes with 4 to 6 tiles range. She has the best stuff to pick up the speed required and charge right onto it as favourable as possible for dealing the double damages.


Bats are two elixir cards and recognized by the overpower nature.  An easy way to summon 4 bats by using two elixirs gives more than a few benefits for all players who expect a lot on the cheap alternative to the renowned minion horde. The overall flying ability of the bats gives the maximum advantages for users. These bats make cheap yet excellent distraction to the Inferno Tower.

Night Witch is an interesting troop and available at 4 elixir.  She has 85 more HP than a usual Witch. The witch summons skeletons and Night Witch summons bats. Witch is a splash attacker. On the other hand, night witch is a melee attacker.  The spawn speed of witch and night witch are 7.5 and 5 seconds respectively.

Heal spell impresses all players of clash of clans and encourages every player of the clash royale in recent times. The heal spell can successfully heal 176 HP per second for up to three seconds at the level 7. A large 3 mile radius makes the heal spell very popular at this time.

Almost everyone who plays the clash royale thinks about how they can spend gold wisely in the upcoming days and takes part in the game play without any difficulty. They can earn gold from winning battles, free daily chests and other approaches. They can upgrade the clash royale troops into the most powerful unit by using gold on hand.  There is no need to upgrade every troop on a regular basis. However, you have to update some troops as you progress in the game.